Central NC residents bracing for latest band of severe storms


CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – A Chapel Hill resident who was forced out of her apartment last week because of flooding said she’s leaving town ahead of Friday’s storms.

“The water got really high. The fire department came and knocked on everybody’s door and made us leave,” Robin Bond said.

Bond, who lives near Bolin Creek in an apartment community near Estes Drive, says when she moved there a couple of weeks ago, she had no idea about the significant flooding that’s occurred in her neighborhood many times over the years.

“The housing is crazy here. So, when I finally found this place, I was happy. And, I was wondering why the rent was so cheap,” she said. “I moved my furniture out, and I’m not gonna put it back. And, I changed my lease from a year to month-to-month.”

Bond says she’s planning to stay with family in Plymouth.

Ran Northam, a community safety communications specialist for the Town of Chapel Hill, said crews have gone to places such as Bolin Creek since last week’s flooding to clear debris and try to minimize impacts from this Friday’s storms.

They’ve left “road closed” signs in places such as Stagecoach Road, which flooded last week, in case we see flooding in the creek near there again.

“That’s so high because Jordan Lake is so high. There’s nowhere for the water to go right now. So, not only is the ground saturated, but those areas are saturated as well,” he said.

Northam said additional public works crews will be prepared to respond in case strong winds bring down trees and block roadways.

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