December 5: Some Changes On The Way



This week’s weather pattern has been very consistent — chilly in the mornings, dry and cool in the afternoons. That pattern continues today and tomorrow, before we start riding the temperature roller-coaster this weekend and next week.

We’ll see plenty of sunshine today, which will help us recover from this morning’s chilly start. We’ll hit the mid 50s this afternoon, almost exactly normal for early December.

Cloud cover will gradually work its way in overnight, but it won’t arrive in time to keep any warmth near ground level. Temperatures will dip back to the low to mid 30s by early Friday morning.

We won’t see nearly as much sunshine on Friday, but winds from the southwest will help temperatures make it back into the 50s.

Friday’s clouds will have a hard time squeezing out any showers. The North American Model’s radar simulation from 7:00am through 7:00pm shows rain, but most of it will evaporate as it tries to move in from the west.

The weekend will be chilly, but mostly dry…just a slight chance of a shower before the sun goes down Sunday evening. A much better rain chance moves in late Sunday night, and it will stick around Monday, Tuesday, even into early Wednesday.

The European forecast model’s simulation from 7:00pm Sunday through 7:00pm Wednesday shows some breaks in between the waves of rainfall. It also shows any chance of wintry nonsense will avoid us by several hundred miles.

At least it will be warm rain next week — temperatures will reach the low to mid 60s Monday and Tuesday, before we head down on the roller-coaster again.


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