Jack Denton said he does everything he can for his two dogs – ACDC and Babes.

“They’re like my children,” Denton said.

Just like previous storms, Denton believed he and the dogs could ride out Florence from their Newport home.

“When I woke up the storm was still going through. I had to swim out of my house, because I am handicapped,” Denton said.

That decision led to a harder decision for Denton – leaving his dogs behind.

“By the time we got out there, the skies had opened up. It was pouring down rain” Nicole Kincaid, with Cause for Paws of NC said.

Four rescuers from the Wake County nonprofit boated through a flooded street on Sept. 15. Farther down is where they found ACDC and Babes stranded on a roof. 

“The female of the two was very grateful to jump into the boat,” Kincaid said.

But it took rescuers two more hours to get the other dog down. Kincaid told CBS 17, “we were not leaving him behind.”

They got him to safety, but still did not know who the dogs belonged to, until social media connected them to Denton.

On Wednesday, the three were reunited.

“Just jumping out of my heart,” Denton said. “Excited to see them, because I didn’t think I would get them back.”

Now that he, ACDC and Babes are together again, Denton has plans for the future.

“I am hoping to rebuild and see if I can get my home up higher,” Denton said.

Cause for Paws of NC is giving Denton and dogs medicine and food for a year.