How to best protect a car from damage in severe storms


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Some area car experts are offering advice for the best ways to protect cars as severe weather is expected Friday.

At Coats Auto Body & Paint, they’ve learned to keep an eye on the sky.

“We had a tornado that took out our entire shop seven years ago,” said manager Peimon Abdollahain.

While every storm is different, bad weather can be bad for business.

“We’ve seen hail come through and total numerous vehicles,” said Abdollahain.

“Generally when it gets up to golf ball in size you need to be concerned,” added T.C. Martindale of Carolina Dent Pro.

Nationwide 40 percent of all auto insurance claims are due to hail damage, which dents the checkbook for roughly $15 billion annually.

“Typically, when these storms happen, lots of guys from out of the area will come into town, and they leave when the storm is over,” said Martindale. “Find a local company that services the community on a regular basis. You’re ensured they will provide a quality repair they can stand behind.”

Multiple products are sold online that promise to prevent hail damage.

“Usually those systems far exceed the cost of the deductible of your insurance,” said Martindale. “You could file multiple claims on your car and it wouldn’t equal the cost of that product.”

“Unfortunately, most of the time, it doesn’t work all that well,” said Abdollahain.

“The best advice I have is if it’s hailing just stay inside,” said Martindale. “It’s a car. You can replace it. It can be repaired. If you get outside and get hit in the head you can have serious damage yourself, and you should avoid that at all cost.”

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