RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – North Carolina Department of Transportation crews are preparing for another round of winter weather.

At NCDOT’s facility in northwest Raleigh, crews were hard at work making thousands of gallons of brine to use on roadways.

“We use the brine because it helps keep the precipitation from the snow from bonding to the pavement, and so that’s why we put that down in advance it sort of creates a protective layer,” said Marty Homan with NCDOT.

Homan said DOT’s first priority ahead of the storm is brining interstates, US routes, and state routes.

“That system is about 3,600 miles, and so we’ll be placing about 160,000 gallons of brine on those roads in preparation for this weekend’s storm,” said Homan.

Dean Shuck is preparing for the third round of winter weather, too. He’s a superintendent at Triangle Grading and Paving, a contractor for the NCDOT. His job is to make sure the salt trucks and plows are ready to go on a snow day.

“We’ve been busy. The third weekend in a row with the maintenance on the vehicles it’s been a full-time job,” said Shuck.

A third weekend in a row of snow is taking a toll on the NCDOT’s salt resources, too.

“We’re having to work really hard to replenish our salt supplies. We’re still doing that right now and will continue doing that tomorrow as well so we’re getting it into the division and we’re dispersing it throughout our division to make sure each county has an ample supply to get through this event,” said Homan.

The City of Raleigh also is placing brine on roads beginning Thursday night.

A spokesperson says the city has 3,400 tons of salt on hand and 400 tons ordered.