RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Despite some very cold days, the Triangle winter so far has brought no wintry precipitation other than a few flurries Saturday morning. So what is going on?

Part of it is a changing climate, but some of it is just bad timing.

“You need many ingredients to come together at just the right time in just the right proportions to get snowfall and accumulating snow, and we just haven’t had those things line up this winter yet,” Jonathan Blaes said, the Meteorologist in Charge at the National Weather Service in Raleigh.

He said while the Triangle hasn’t had significant snow yet, there is technically still time.

“Your best chance, if you will, is probably January to the latter half of January,” he said. “But the range of when you can get accumulating snow runs all the way from December into early March.”

The Triangle’s average seasonal snowfall totals just more than five inches, but snow lovers will notice the area doesn’t get as much as it used to.

That doesn’t mean it won’t have winters that bring more than that average, however, as seen in Jan. 2018, when nearly six inches fell in one day.

“You don’t have to go back many years where we had snow and it stays on the ground,” Blaes said. “It does happen, it just seems like it happens less frequently and perhaps a little less deep.”

While this winter so far isn’t as snowy as in the past, if conditions are right, there is always still a chance.

“Snow lovers I wouldn’t panic just yet,” Blaes said. “While the window is getting smaller there’s still a handful of weeks to still get some accumulating or insignificant now around.”