Orange County communities heartbroken after storms leave behind destruction


ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. (WNCN) – On Leslie Drive in the White Cross area of Orange County, people cut through the neighborhood with chainsaws as trees laid on top of homes and cars. 

The scene is what Jonathan Romm came home to.

“There’s houses that are probably ruined (and) definitely cars that are ruined,” Romm said. “The whole landscape, just looking behind you, it’s a totally different vista.”

Neighbors cleared everything out. People like State Representative Graig Meyer opened their doors for those who couldn’t get to their homes. 

“There’s hundreds of trees down and several houses that have been demolished on the street, and everyone’s safe,” Meyer said. “I think we’re all in shock.”

In Orange Grove, downed power lines sparked and trees snapped as damage could be seen all around. 

This included Allison Nichols’s Maple View Agricultural Educational Center, a non-profit teaching kids around North Carolina about agriculture. 

Nichols said no people or animals were hurt. 

“It’s heartbreaking to look around and see what you’ve worked hard for and people in the community enjoy look like it does now,” Nichols said. 

People throughout Orange County said they’re counting their blessings as they pick up the pieces. 

“I don’t know if we’ll laugh about this five years from now, but it will be one of those stories we tell around the campfire,” Romm said. 

Nichols told CBS 17 that, in the near future, depending on the condition of the building, they’d still like to host people at the center. However, no one will be allowed outside until the damage is cleaned up. 

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