FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Fayetteville is bracing for possible ice and snow an incoming weather system will bring Friday and Saturday.

City leaders are telling residents to stay home and off of the roads. Road crews are working 12-hour shifts. They are ready to plow snow and salt and sand roads and bridges as needed. Both North Carolina Department of Transportation and City of Fayetteville crews spent hours Wednesday and Thursday brining roads in Cumberland County with the saltwater solution.

Now it’s a wait-and-see game for them.

“If they are talking about freezing rain coming we won’t put straight salt out. It will be a salt-sand mix. If it’s a snow event, you know we going to put out what it takes,” said Jason Dunigan, a maintence engineer with NCDOT.

City leaders in Fayetteville are telling people to avoid unnecessary trips on roadways until this weather event is over.

“The one thing you can do is stay off the roads, please, if possible,” said Narcarla Webb, spokesperson for the City of Fayetteville.

Fayetteville FAST Transit services will be suspended on Friday. Buses will be used to take people in Cumberland County to shelters if needed. Services could resume as early as noon on Saturday.

Fayetteville City Hall will be closed on Friday too. Solid waste services in Fayetteville are canceled on Friday, as well. Friday’s trash will be picked up on Monday. Trash that would normally be picked up Monday will be picked up on Tuesday. Tuesday’s trash will be picked up on Wednesday.

More Fayetteville firefighters will be on duty to assist with the anticipated increase in 911 calls.

“If there are any issues the public realizes, concerns they have we advise them to contact 911,” Lee Jernigan, Assistant Public Services Director of Fayetteville said.