RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – From hardware stores to grocery stores, people got in their last-minute shopping Thursday evening. Gov. Roy Cooper and state officials urged people to get preparations in on Thursday before the roads could become dangerous.

At Town & Country Hardware, employee Lawrence Dilda said the hottest selling item is ice melt. He said one of the few items they’re sold out of is sleds. While the store was calm Thursday evening, Dilda said there were long lines at the store Wednesday.

“We’re selling a lot of charcoal, I guess people figure if they lose power, you know if they got a grill or something outside, they can go outside and cook,” Dilda said.

Brenda Boretti was buying some charcoal to smoke a brisket. She said if she lost electricity, she would use her grill to cook other food, too. Boretti is prepared for the storm.

“My husband did pick up some salt earlier in the week, we filled our vehicles up, we have sufficient groceries,” she said.

The state is preparing, too.

North Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Eric Boyette said more than 700 employees and contract crews are ready, which he said is slightly fewer employees than usual for a storm like this. He said the department is reaching out to more contractors than it normally would due to staffing shortages and COVID-19.

Boyette said crews have already applied nearly 1 million gallons of brine.

“The storm previously hit our western divisions harder than it did our eastern divisions, so we’ve been able to save our salt and sand from the eastern side where this storm is heading now, so we feel really good about our position today,” Boyette said.

Cooper said the national guard is activated.

“Soldiers with high clearance vehicles, trucks, and four-wheel drive ambulances are staging in central and eastern North Carolina today,” Cooper said. “They’ll move to affected counties when they’re needed.”

A spokesperson for the City of Raleigh said it has 31 trucks and graders ready along with 3,700 tons of salt.

If you do need to drive, state officials said you should keep an eye on updated road conditions.