RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Ahead of this week’s winter weather, preparations are also being made in both stores and on the roads.

Outside Charlie C’s in Wake County, Tajuana Cutchins made sure to get to the grocery store early Wednesday in hopes of beating the crowds.

“I decided to come out once I saw that the winter advisory. I decided to come out and pick up a couple of groceries just to be sure that myself and my family are very stocked,” Cutchinssaid.

She said thankfully her store had everything she wanted, but at many grocery stores across the country and in the Triangle, you’ll find some shelves still bare.

Supply chain issues and staffing shortages along with winter weather are making it harder for companies to obtain products.

Ahead of the storm, companies like Wegman’s said they’re increasing inventory in warehouses and delivering products to stores right before the height of the storm.

Felisha and Delshon Adams found everything they needed at their grocery store, but they said options are limited.

“The meat section is pretty good, They have plenty of meats, but other products it’s really low. The shelves are low,” said Felisha Adams.

Grocery stores aren’t the only ones preparing ahead of the storm. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol is also making plans. Sgt. Marcus Bethea said between Sunday from Midnight to 4 p.m., troopers responded to almost 1,000 calls for service and over 400 collisions across the state.

“We certainly urge people to avoid driving if at all possible. That’s basically the safest bet,” Bethea said.

One thing you won’t see ahead of the snow is crews brining the roads. A spokesperson for the North Carolina Department of Transportation said that’s because the area is expecting rain tomorrow.