RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – There has been a lot of talk about a possible severe weather outbreak across the deep south Tuesday, even as North Carolina approaches the beginning of December.

This is yet another reminder that if conditions are right, severe weather can happen at any time, even in the Carolinas.

“Here in central North Carolina, we can have severe weather any time of the year, but our main season is typically in March and April, but we also have a secondary season here in the fall,” meteorologist Nick Luchetti with the National Weather Service in Raleigh said.

He also said with North Carolina being in a position to get ample moisture from both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, a dip in the jet stream, the strong winds above the surface that help drive our weather, can efficiently fuel severe weather in backyards, even late in the year.

“You have this intense wind just above the surface, and aloft, and you have this fuel for thunderstorms in the moisture given our proximity to these big bodies of water you can essentially get severe weather into the fall season, and even into the winter season as well,” he said.

Severe weather late in the year can bring the same risks as during the spring: strong winds, heavy rain and flooding, as well as tornadoes.

“Don’t let your guard down given that we can get severe weather in the fall, the wintertime, all the way into the spring and then summer,” Luchetti said. “We just always want to remind people to be weather ready.”

Remember, if severe weather does roll in, Luchetti stresses to make sure families know where your safe space is. It should be the lowest, most central part of your home, away from windows.