RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It was a mess across central North Carolina Sunday thanks to every form of wintry precipitation.

We had a snow and sleet mix to start the day, and for most of us it didn’t amount to much, but Oxford managed to pick up 2 inches with very close to that for western Durham County. Franklinton and the city of Durham had around 1.5 inches with 1 inch for Morrisville in Wake County.

While it wasn’t much, that didn’t stop kids from trying to make the best of a little snow by getting out and playing and doing a little sledding.

Snow and sleet can be pretty to look it and can be shoveled away, but ice is much more of a nuisance and we had a good amount of it Sunday.

Nearly 0.20 inches of ice coated surfaces near Raeford as well as Lake Wheeler, with 0.10-0.15 inches across Wake County for places like Raleigh, Holly Springs, and Apex. Fayetteville picked up just under 0.08 inches of freezing rain, but even a glazing of ice can cause significant issues.

Below is the full list of snow, sleet and freezing rain totals from the National Weather Service

 Moore County
 2 N Glendon                  1.5 in 
 2 NE Seven Lakes             0.9 in 

 Orange County
 Chapel Hill                  1.0 in  

 Alamance County
 Burlington 1.6 NW            0.5 in 

 Chatham County
 1 WSW Fearrington            0.9 in 

 Cumberland County
 4 ENE Hope Mills             0.14 in - freezing rain   
 2 SE Rockfish                0.10 in - freezing rain    
 Fayetteville                 0.08 in - freezing rain 
 Durham County
 4 NNE Durham                 1.4 in  
 1 NE Durham                  0.3 in  
 Granville County
 4 NW Oxford                  2.0 in   
 3 S Butner                   1.2 in 
 Harnett County
 Lillington                   0.11 in - freezing rain
 Hoke County
 Raeford                      0.18 in - freezing rain
 Johnston County
 1 NE Emit                    0.06 in - freezing rain 

 Moore County
 4 NE Seven Lakes             0.13 in - freezing rain

 Nash County
 1 SE Middlesex               0.10 in - freezing rain
 3 WSW Sharpsburg             0.06 in - freezing rain

 Orange County
 0.5 SE Carrboro              1.0 in   

 Sampson County
 Roseboro                     0.13 in - freezing rain
 Wake County - snow, sleet
 2 SW Apex                    0.4 in 
 5 N Raleigh                  0.1 in   
 2 N Rdu International         T in    

 Wake County - freezing rain 
 4 S Lake Wheeler             0.18 in  
 2 WSW Holly Springs          0.15 in  
 4 ENE Cary                   0.15 in  
 4 NNE Raleigh                0.15 in  
 3 SW Garner                  0.13 in  
 2 SW Apex                    0.10 in  
 4 SSW Raleigh                0.10 in  
 1 SE New Hope                0.08 in   
 2 N Rdu International        0.08 in  

 Warren County
 Norlina 5.0 N                1.0 in   

 Wayne County
 Goldsboro                    0.05 in - freezing rain

 Wilson County
 6 N Kenly                    0.06 in - freezing rain