DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Stranded cars, downed trees, and flooded streets and roads.

The last 12 hours in the Triangle have brought dangerous winds, rain, and snow.

“I heard some like trees falling over here or something,” said Trevor Fessey. “It was crazy.”

The wind and rain woke him up at the Parkside Townhomes in Raleigh Monday morning.

When he looked outside, Crabtree Creek flooded the parking lot.

(Hayley Fixler/CBS 17)

The water inched closer and closer towards people’s front doors.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to get out of here. Hopefully, it won’t be so bad where we’ll all be stranded,” said Fessey.

Flooded roads, heavy winds posed a threat to everyone.

People in the Parkside Townhome neighborhood told CBS 17 first responders went house to house, urging people to leave for their safety.

It was a warning that one Durham woman didn’t get.

“It might not look like a lot, to a lot of people, but I put in a lot of work inside of that home,” she said. “The tree was too expensive. I just couldn’t afford it.”

She didn’t want to show her face or give her name to CBS 17, but she said she knew a tree outside of her home was a danger.

(Crystal Price/CBS 17)

She slept in her car during the storm, and only went inside briefly to charge her phone.

“The tree broke. I heard it. I tried to get out, but it had crushed the back door. The whole back is crushed,” said the woman.

She barely escaped.

“I had to crawl out,” she explained.

She showed CBS17 what’s left of her home on Geer Street, devastated at the loss, but grateful for her life.

“I’m OK, my dogs are OK, and those dogs are my babies,” the woman said.

She said she hopes someone will help cut down the tree on her home, so she can cover the roof with a tarp, and protect the rest of her belongings.