CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – Marilyn McClain stopped by Lowe’s Home Improvement in Chapel Hill Wednesday evening to grab some things before the second round of winter weather hits beginning Thursday evening.

“If you don’t have to go out, stay in. I think that’s the best protection any of us can have,” she said.

McClain plans to take her own advice.

“I’m a physical therapist. I work in home health. So, patients who can’t get out need our services. If it’s safe, then I can go out on the road and see patients and if it’s not safe then stay home. That’s what I urge people to do,” she explained.

McClain said she spent 18 years of her life in the Midwest and said she knows what to do.

“I got my flashlights and I have a neighbor who has a shovel who will shovel my driveway. [I’m] just paying attention to the weather and listening to you all,” she said.

Mattie Wardsworth and Anthony Brown also stopped by Lowe’s to grab some last-minute things. They plan to stay home.

“I’m in. I just rang the bell. I had breast cancer. I’m cancer-free. We had some appointments. I canceled it,” Wardsworth said.

Sgt. Marcus Bethea with North Carolina Highway Patrol said they are getting their personnel ready. Troopers are preparing for another busy weekend.

“In the event you must get on the roadway, it is important to scale your normal habits back quite a bit. Exercise patience [and] drive slower than you typically would. Anticipate delays [and] anticipate alternate routes to get to where you need to go,” Bethea said.

The highway patrol is advising people to stay home and stay off the roads.

“From midnight on Sunday up until 4 p.m. we actually responded to 989 calls for service. This is statewide,” Bethea said.

Bethea also said they responded to more than 400 collisions this past weekend alone. That number doesn’t include police and deputies.

“I listen to that inner voice that says it’s not safe out there,” McClain said.