RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — While the calendar shows we’re still a few weeks away from the official start of summer, what we’ve felt to kick off June may have you feeling that it’s already here.

In fact, just within the first six days of this month, the average temperature is running 2 degrees warmer than average. Summer, of course, is more than one month.

As we check back in on summer of 2021, just last year, our average summer temperature was 78.7 degrees, which was just about average for the summer season.

Since 1970, however, the average summer temperature has gone up by 4 degrees.

It’s not just about the degrees above average for the season, though, it’s also about the number of days above average, which for our area is 37.

This is a conversation we’ve been having for a long time. In fact, less than a year ago we talked to Corey Davis from the State Climate office about our warming temperatures.

What he said then still rings true: even if we don’t feel a major spike in our temperatures, it’s still happening.
“Some of the sneakiest changes that we’re already seeing is just our nighttime low temperatures,” Davis explains. “If it gets down to 75 degrees overnight, we don’t really make a big deal out of that, but especially for folks that don’t have air-conditioning, that’s a hot night they have to endure.”

So what does the next month look like?

According to the Climate Prediction Center, warmer than average.

Remember, this doesn’t mean we won’t have cool days, it just means the temperatures for next month in general will be warmer than average.