Hurricane Fiona is still a Category 4 hurricane late Wednesday evening and will likely stay that strong as it nears Bermuda late Thursday night into Friday morning.

Late Wednesday night Fiona still had sustained winds of 130 mph with gusts up to 160 mph. Fortunately, Fiona has moved away from the Turks and Caicos islands and is now moving north at 10 mph.

Fiona will eventually turn northeast and is forecast to stay west of Bermuda early Friday as it moves by. While Fiona is not forecast to directly hit Bermuda, they will feel effects from the category 4 storm. Tropical Storm Warnings are now in place for Bermuda.

Fiona will continue its trek toward the north, and will become non-tropical as it brings impacts to the Canadian Maritime and Newfoundland by the weekend.

Thankfully, North Carolina will have no direct impacts from Fiona, other than rough waters and strong rip currents along the coast. The storm will stay more than 600 miles away from our coast.