RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The second named tropical system of the season has formed in the Atlantic but could become an official tropical system later this week and possibly a hurricane by the end of the week.

Currently named Potential Tropical Cyclone No. 2, the National Hurricane Center investigated a tropical wave east-southeast of the Windward Islands with hurricane hunter aircraft Monday afternoon and found enough to establish a forecast track for the system.

Though NOAA and CBS 17 said the system has not yet developed a closed circulation, the plane investigating found “tropical-storm-force winds over the northern portion of the system…producing cells of strong convection.”

NOAA also said the “environment looks fairly favorable for development…(and) this steering scenario should cause a west-northwestward to westward track for the next several days” that would likely get it to full circulation later this week and make landfall in the Caribbean.

Currently, Potential Tropical Cyclone No. 2 has 40 mph winds and is moving west from the Pacific Ocean toward Costa Rica. In its path, however, could hit the very tip of South America with winds and rain, the CBS 17 Storm Team graphic shows.

“On the forecast track, the system will pass near or over portions of the southern Windward Island by late Tuesday, and move over the southern Caribbean Sea or near the northern coast of Venezuela on Wednesday and Thursday,” NOAA said.