Warning: Downed power lines cause dangers as storms roll through central NC


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The storms blowing through central North Carolina on Friday bring with them all sorts of dangers. Among them is downed power lines.

According to SafeElectricity.org, power lines don’t need to be sparking to be live.

“When you see power lines on the ground following a storm, stay away, warn others to stay away and contact the electric utility,” the site says.

CBS 17’s Zak Dahlheimer was reporting live in Orange County near Dairyland and Rocky Ridge roads when power lines ripped from their poles began to spark on the side of the road.


People need to exercise caution around downed lines because they can cause the surroundings to become dangerous, as well.

“A downed power line can energize things around it, such as chain link fences and metal culverts,” SafeElectricity.org said.

Furthermore, if a power line falls on an occupied car, people are encouraged to stay inside the vehicle. 

“If you must get out of the car due to a fire or other immediate life-threatening situation, do your best to jump clear of the car and land on both feet,” Duke Energy said. “Be sure that no part of your body is touching the car when your feet touch the ground.

Click here to report outages, downed power lines, or any other dangers to Duke Energy.

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