2020 hurricane season has been more active than 2005 but not as devastating

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With Theta, 29 named storms have formed since May with the possibility of number 30 happening later this week. By year’s end, 2020 will have surpassed 2005 in most major hurricane statistical records. Despite having almost double the US landfalls this year compared to 2005, damage amounts and deaths are significantly lower this year.

The Congressional Budget Office released a report in 2019 that estimated yearly economic loss from tropical systems around 54 billion dollars. So far, 2020 is well under that at 33 billion, while 2005 cost over 171 billion dollars in damage.

The 426 deaths so far this year due to tropical systems are the most fatalities in a year since 2005 which had almost 4,000 total. Hurricanes Katrina and Stan both killed over 1,000 people each in the US and Central America. The deadliest storm this year, Laura, killed 77 combined in Haiti and the US, which would rank as fifth deadliest storm in 2005. The increased death totals are partially due to much stronger storms in 2005. Five category five storms formed in 2005. 2020 has seen four category four storms and none reach category 5 status.

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