RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — At most rescues, the rambunctious and fluffy kittens filled with energy easily get the attention of those looking to adopt. Then again, there are many that won’t — and that’s where Alley Cats and Angels come in.

“We are very focused on the cats that don’t get the attention,” explains Marie Brewer. “So our tagline is ‘advocates for the forgotten feline.'”

Brewer is president of the non-profit that was founded in 2008 and is an all-volunteer, foster home-based cat rescue. They focus on the welfare of feral and colony cats living outside and get them fixed, so they don’t add to the cat overpopulation.

“It’s starts as one cat, it becomes 10 cats, and then suddenly we have a hot mess,” she says. “So what we really want to do because shelters are full, rescue groups are at capacity, we want to be the solution.”

Another part of that solution is having people, like Alli Walton, as cat foster parents. Walton had adopted from Alley Cats in the past, but during the pandemic decided to start fostering.

“So we reached out and said, ‘maybe we’d like to foster,'” she said. “And we ended up with five kittens and a world full of mayhem and an awful lot of fun.”

She says fostering can be a challenge but getting cats ready for a loving home is the best reward.

“It’s bittersweet, but it’s also the best feeling when you took somebody that was a little wild when you got them, and now they’re socialized and friendly and loving, and you find that perfect family who is the best fit for them,” Walton explains.

After all, the best fit is where a cat is healthy and safe.

The money raised for Alley Cats and Angels this month goes toward cat medical care and the nonprofit’s spay/neuter program.

To learn more about how you can help out or volunteer, visit the Alley Cats and Angels website.