Closed park facilities causing problems for those looking to enjoy the outdoors

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State parks like Umstead, Falls Lake, and Jordan Lake remain closed, but many of the city parks in Raleigh are open for people to enjoy. If you are trying to go a park that’s open, be aware that most facilities, including bathrooms, are closed to the public.

“Actually, the only parks I go to are Pullen and this one, Shelley Lake, and those aren’t closed,” explained Jon Warlick, someone we found working out at Shelley Lake Wednesday afternoon. “The facilities are, so you’ve just got to plan accordingly as far as drinking water and all that.”

“Our workouts are usually limited by our bladders, so that’s one of the big things,” said Teagan Callaway, a personal trainer also working out at Shelley Lake.

The closing of facilities, especially bathrooms, is the one thing that people we spoke with said was a major inconvenience. One person was at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, where bathrooms are still open, and wondered why local parks can’t do the same thing and help those who have become furloughed.

“Put somebody to work if you have somebody cleaning them on a regular basis, so that means that somebody is going to be employed, gainfully employed, so I think they ought to look a that,” stated Ernest Rommel Foushee, who was out enjoying the beautiful weather.

Despite the inconveniences of facilities closed at area parks, people are trying to get in their normal routines in an improvised way.

“We’ve been able to just meet up at the park most of the times, like, try to stay at least six feet away, and work on hand stands, push ups, pulls ups, whatever we can work on; the rings, so we’ve still been able to work out. It hasn’t affected us too much that way. It’s just finding another location, and of course, weather permitting,” explained Callaway.

Trails and parking areas are open, and if you plan on going to the park, you are still encouraged to practice social distancing. For a complete list of closed state parks, you can check out this link.

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