RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With all this talk of chilly weather, let’s talk frost!

Are we expecting our first frost this weekend? No, but it’s around this time of year when we start to think more about it.

On average, the first frost in the Triangle typically happens between Oct. 19 and 27 with some of our northern counties experiencing their average first frost closer to Oct. 19.

Last year, depending on where you live, our first frost happened around Oct. 18 and 19, not too far off our typical average.

But our first freeze last year didn’t happen until the middle of November in the Triangle which is a little later than when it usually occurs near the end of October.

We are definitely not talking about a freeze this weekend, but why aren’t we talking about the possibility of frost? Because we’re talking about chilly air, but not quite cold.

The best conditions for frost are clear skies, light winds, a little moisture in the air and on the ground, and temperatures in the 30s.

There may be some of us who have temperatures fall into the upper 30s Sunday night, but significantly drier air is coming in behind this front and winds may be just a bit too strong to allow any frost to form.

But if that changes, of course we’ll let you know. Keep up with your CBS17 Storm Team Forecast here