The weather folklore says if you hear thunder in the winter in North Carolina, then you can expect snow within 10 days.

Not so fast.

“While there is a small amount of science behind that folklore, most of the time it doesn’t work that way”, CBS 17 Chief Meteorologist Wes Hohenstein said.

This folklore is known all across the south, not just North Carolina. The results are usually the same, — snow usually does not fall.

Parts of central North Carolina heard thunder Wednesday night — and there is snow in the CBS 17 10 day forecast this time around.

The science behind the saying goes like this: If you have enough energy in the atmosphere to produce thunder in the winter, there is likely a strong cold front moving through. Cold fronts usually result in colder temperatures. A cold front strong enough to produce thunder also means you are likely in an active pattern.

An active pattern means there is probably another round of moisture coming through, and if temperatures stay cold enough, you could have snow.

We already know how hard it is to get snow to fall around some parts of North Carolina. This time around is no different.