RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — We are just about halfway through summer, so let’s see how we’re shaping up.

(When we talk about summer here, we mean June 1st through August 31st, which is meteorological summer.)

Our overall average temperature from June 1 to today is 80.5 degrees. That includes both the morning lows and afternoon highs.

That means with a little more than a month to go, we’re already in third place for the hottest summer on record in the greater Raleigh area.

The hottest summer on record happened only 12 years ago in 2010 with an average temperature of 81.6 degrees.

So let’s talk about our summer rain—or lack thereof.

So far this summer we’ve had just over eight inches in Raleigh, and while that number varies from region to region, we’ll use it as our baseline.

Those eight inches of rain puts us at the 12th driest summer on record, but remember, we have more than a month left, so if we continue to get halfway decent rains, that could improve our dry conditions—much like what we’ve already seen over the last few weeks.

While some of us, especially east of I-95, are still in a moderate drought, if we compare that to our drought conditions from about a month ago when a severe drought had developed for much of central North Carolina, it’s a significant improvement.