Longer growing season means longer allergy season

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The recent rain and wind, plus moving deeper into spring, has increased the pollen count as we move into the final days of March.

You’ve likely noticed trees, like our North Carolina dogwood, that were all white and blooming last week, now completely green.

Other trees have started to sprout their leaves – increasing our pollen levels.

For allergy sufferers, that means more pollinators to deal with as allergy season continues.

If you feel like your allergy symptoms last longer than they used to – you are correct.

Since 1970, the growing season has increased by nearly a full month, according to Climate Central, meaning allergy season is also lasting longer.

One reason for the increase in tree blooms recently has been our warmer temperatures.

The warm temperatures alert trees that it is time to come out of winter hibernation.

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