People head outdoors to beat cabin fever during social distancing for COVID-19

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Walking, biking, fishing. Three activities that you can do while social distancing continues and that provide a break from the cabin fever many may be feeling. As the reality of schools being closed challenges parents to provide alternatives to learning and attention, a local family we met at Falls Lake Dam has turned to the great outdoors to get the kids out of the house and active.

“It’s difficult sometimes trying to keep them busy, trying to keep them of the TVs, so we try to give them chores and outdoor stuff to do,” said Todd Bennett who was out fishing with his family.

Fishing was a popular activity at Falls Lake Dam, and one local fisherman had been having a good day by the time we stopped by in the afternoon. Fishing, to him, provides the perfect escape to everything that is happening.

“I always tell people when you get a chance to go out and fish, enjoy yourself,” explained Stacy Gilmore who was fishing at Falls Lake Dam. “Life is what it is; you don’t know how long you are going to be here, so I tell people go out and enjoy life. Relax your mind. Get away from some of the stuff and all that other kind of stuff, but I enjoy life. I enjoy fishing.”

For families, especially with school aged children, a successful day may not be a bucket of fish but making it through one more day without major conflict. 

“Some days are better than others,” stated Bennett, “but as long as they stay busy and are not at each other’s throats, it’s a win for me.”

All North Carolina state parks are still open. Visitor centers and campgrounds are closed, but all outdoor activities and restrooms remain open. Park staff are also still working to provide security and a guide to all the activities available to you at local parks.

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