The pollen on your car isn’t the stuff that makes your allergies go haywire

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The abundance of yellow and green on your car is a sign that we are firmly in the middle of pollen season in North Carolina.

The pollen is likely causing you to rush out to get your car washed every week, but that pollen isn’t what makes your allergies go haywire.

The yellow on your car is pine pollen and it is too thick and heavy to get into your nose.

Because pine trees drop large pollen molecules that quickly drop to the ground and coat everything, it doesn’t stay airborne to get in your nose.

The real culprits are your other trees, grasses, and plants that are coming back to life.

The pollen from these plants is usually released in the morning between 5 and 9 a.m. and is worse on windy days where they stay airborne longer.

Just as our facemasks have become important in the fight against the coronavirus, the same masks can reduce the amount of pollen you inhale through your nose, minimizing your allergy symptoms.

Masks are not the permanent fix for allergy sufferers, but they can help reduce how often you take your antihistamines.

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