Although it feels like summer, October is well underway with fall festivities galore! One way to get in the fall spirit is by picking pumpkins. 

Page Farms is a local spot where you can do just that. Ashley McIlwain and her son Grayson are regular visitors of Page Farms.

“We come to Page Farms every year. We usually come a few times. We just love the charm of it and being able to get some pumpkins.” 

From the front steps to Grayson’s playset, they love to decorate their home with pumpkins. 

“So as we come more and more, we just find new spots to put them all around,” says McIlwain. 

Danny Page is the owner of Page Farms and has a plethora of pumpkins at his farm. There are thousands of pumpkins onsite! 

This year, he has had a bit of a shortage. Page thinks the warm weather plays a part. 

“I kind of think it’s because of the heat when they were setting the fruit. They started setting fruit later in the year, and the vines were still making the pumpkins today. In two more weeks and those pumpkins would be ready.”

Despite the small shortage in the pumpkin supply, Page is making sure you keep the same amount of money in your pocket. 

“We’re keeping the prices the same as what we have in the last two years. The seventy cents a pound, I think we’ve been that about three or four years.” 

When you head to the patch, you’ll be greeted by a variety of options. Page says that if you want décor, the white pumpkins are a good choice. If there is carving in your pumpkin’s forecast, then the traditional orange pumpkin will be your best bet. 

Color tells you more than the purpose of a pumpkin. It can help you decide if you should grab it or leave it on the vine. 

“You want a pumpkin that’s orange. You don’t want it yellow. If it’s green and got some orange on it. More orange it’s got on it, the longer it will keep for you. The green looking ones, they are cool looking. When they are kind of yellow looking-they are not ready,” advises Page. 

That is something McIlwain is now grateful to know for the next time they visit the pumpkin patch. 
“I didn’t know much about the colors as far as when to pick them and lasting longer. So that was kind of interesting!” 

We all want our pumpkins to have a long and “gourd” life. Page has a pro tip to help your pumpkin last this season. 

“If you wash them with 10% Clorox, that will help the lifespan on them.” 

He says to wash the whole pumpkin with Clorox, including the stem. 

Finding your perfect pumpkin isn’t all you can do at Page Farms. Be sure to check out the corn maze, swings, corn crib and take a hayride around the farm! They are the perfect place to get out of the city and find “Just a little bit of country.” 

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