Record cold snap coming for the eastern third of the country

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Cold air blasts aren’t uncommon for most of the country during November. Even though we aren’t in Winter yet, cold air starts to become dislodged from polar regions and can trickle southward during November for some pretty impressive cold snaps. This cold snap arriving on Tuesday is a little different as it is cold enough to break records across a good portion of the country.

In all, over 150 record lows could fall between Veterans Day morning and Wednesday morning with an additional 100 plus record cold highs for Tuesday and Wednesday. Those records include Raleigh, where our record low and record cold high on Wednesday are in jeopardy.

Forecast low temperatures for Wednesday morning from the National Weather Service.

The system responsible for the cold air has already brought snow to portions of the Midwest, which is seeing its first appreciable snowfall of the season. The snow has also caused an American Airlines flight from Greensboro that landed in Chicago to skid off the runway. Thankfully, there were no injuries.

Big cold snaps like this one are the result of a big buckle in the jet stream, the large river of air around 40,000 feet that steers all weather systems and separates warm and cold air. It is dipping as far south of the Gulf Coast, allowing air that has been cooling over the northern Canadian provinces to drop southward into the United States. The result is record cold possible from International Falls, Buffalo, and Bangor all the way to Brownsville, Texas. Even portions of the Gulf Coast could see record lows fall by Wednesday morning. The only place immune — South Florida, where highs will remain in the 80s and lows in the 60s.

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