It’s about that time of year we start thinking of our beach vacations, or getting out in the sun and soaking up warm temperatures. But, later this week our temperatures will go from warm to downright hot…and we need to think about that, too.

For perspective, North Carolina’s average high this time of year is 80 degrees.

Last year, the state had its first 90-degree day on May 23, when it hit 92 degrees. North Carolina typically has its first 90-degree day in early May, but on average, that average high temperature doesn’t consistently climb into the 90s until June 25.

The earliest we’ve ever hit 90 was in March of 1990, but we’re going to be well above 90 by the end of the week.

So, when is the earliest we’ve ever hit 96 degrees, the projected highs for the Triangle at the end of this week?

May 21, 1941 to be exact. 81 years ago.

The Triangle could hit 96 degrees this Friday, May 20. If that happens, it would make it the earliest in our records we’ve ever hit that mark.

This time of year is no stranger to the occasional 90-degree day, however. The heat we will experience later this week is still significant and potentially record-breaking.

CBS 17 wants to encourage everyone to stay cool during this early taste of summer by taking frequent breaks, find shade, and of course, drink plenty of water.