Spring temperatures are warmer compared to 50 years ago

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Spring and fall have shown to have the greatest change in temperatures over the last 50 years as compared to winter and summer.

After the cold days of winter, we can all appreciate a little warmer spring, but that warming causes impacts that extend beyond a few warm days.

Over the past 50 years, temperatures have been warming during Spring in the Triangle.

In 1970, The Triangle’s average temperature for the season, the average of highs and lows for spring, was around 58 degrees.

The average high for spring is now around 61 degrees, a 3-degree increase.

This warming is due in large part to more heat waves during the spring, a result of climate change.

Fifty years ago, the Triangle would average about 38 days with temperatures above normal.

Now, the average is about 51 days above normal, or more than half of the spring season.

This warming isn’t all at the end of the season, closer to summer.

Some of that warming also happens earlier in spring, resulting in a longer growing season and longer allergy season.

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