RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – It was a scary Halloween for some across the country thanks to snow.

Maybe you saw video of snow covering jack-o-lanterns in Chicago as trick-or-treaters braced the cold, wind, and that snow to get their sweet treats.

So what about snow here in Central North Carolina as we start a new month?

It’s unlikely, since only 2% of our annual snowfall happens in November, which averages out to only 0.1″.

We have had snow in November however: our snowiest November was in 1914 when 3.6″ fell, but our most recent November snow was in 2008, and we ended up with only 0.4″.

But what should we realistically expect for the month of November?

In terms of temperatures, the first full week of the month should be near normal, but the 8 to 14-day outlook looks cooler than average.

For precipitation, the first full week of November could be slightly wetter than average, but the 8 to 14-day outlook looks to be slightly drier than average.

All this to say: November is expected to be at least close to normal when it’s all said and done.