As Toys R Us liquidation begins, some shoppers say they’re unimpressed

What's the Deal

The Toys R Us liquidation sale has finally begun a day later than initially announced. But some shoppers are not impressed.

Patti Smith and her daughter went  shopping at the North Raleigh location and found some things they could use now and later.

“We bought some lawn chairs, infant things and stuff we’ll store away till next Christmas,” she said.

She found price cuts of 10 percent on merchandise she bought, but said “some things we chose not to get” because they weren’t on sale.

The signs say up to 30 percent off. But some shoppers found those deeper discounts were few and far between.

“We came here when we heard they were closing nationwide and the sales they had were like 20 to 30 percent – but only on select items,” said shopper Chris Latham. “All the good stuff was taken by the time we got here.”

The Better Business Bureau says just because a store is closing doesn’t it mean it offers the lowest prices on merchandise.

Jennifer Clark came out empty handed.

 “There wasn’t anything quite on sale that we needed right now,” she said.

And she found the “sale” sign didn’t necessarily mean big bargain.

“What I was surprised by was that the sales were better last week than they were this week,” she said.

Here are a few things you should know about buying during the Toys R-Us liquidation sale:

  • Gift cards will only be honored till April 20.
  • Items purchased before the liquidation sale can be returned.
  • Items purchased during  the liquidation cannot be returned.

Some of the deepest discounts on items may still be days or weeks ahead as the retailer waits till inventory dwindles. 

Some shoppers say that’s when they’ll strike.

“We’ll just wait and see what happens in a couple weeks,” said Clark. 

Saddled  by over 5 billion in debt Toys “R” Us was forced into bankruptcy. 

And when the chain finally closes its doors,  it’ll take a part of some childhoods with it.

“I grew up buying things from here.  I worked here. It’s part of my childhood. it’s sad  to see it go,” said former employee Michael Rivera.

You should also be aware the going-out-of-business sale does not apply to Toys R Us online. That’s a separate unit.

The company says  it’ll keep the online component as-is for now, hoping it can find a buyer for it.


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